Hi! I'm JB.

My name is Jonathan Birkholz. You can find me on github at rookieone and on twitter @rookieone.

I love learning.

Over the years I have used countless frameworks to deliver desktop apps, web apps, and mobile apps. I am fascinated with all aspects of software and work everyday to make delivery faster and better.

I love teaching.

This is why I've given numerous talks, founded and ran user groups, lead online communities, and organized conferences. I love giving back and this site is part of that.

My writing & coding philosophy

Keep it simple. Show the code. Fill in the small gaps with explanation. Rinse, repeat.

A bit about me

When I am not coding and teaching, I enjoy playing video and board games with my friends. I carry my love of learning and teaching into that part of my life as well.

About the code behind the site

I built the site using Elixir and Phoenix. Both are awesome!