Building an app with Phoenix

Building a reddit clone using Phoenix, a web framework built on Elixir.

  1. Installing Elixir, Node, and Phoenix
    A quick steps and references for installing Elixir, Node, and Phoenix.
  2. Getting Starting Phoenix
    Getting started with Phoenix by creating an application with its default folders.
  3. Creating the Database
    Creating the database for our application with mix ecto.create.
  4. We begin with Posts
    We create our migration and model for our Readdit Posts.
  5. Displaying Posts
    Display a list of Posts
  6. Creating Posts
    We build out the new and create endpoints allowing us to create Posts through the web.
  7. Viewing a Post
    We will create a show endpoint for viewing a single post.
  8. Editing a Post
    We will create an edit page and an update endpoint for Posts.
  9. Deleting a Post
    The last step of our CRUD adventure has us deleting a post