Learning Gulp

Learn gulp by creating a build script to generate a static website like Jekyll.

  1. Gulp Series Introduction
    Gulp has been a real treat to work with and I wanted to share the ease of which you can use it to quickly create an awesome build.
  2. Hello Gulp
    Starting with Learning Gulp by creating a new node project and creating our first gulp script.
  3. Moving Files with Gulp
    In this post we use gulp to move files from our contents folder to our build folder.
  4. Concat: Combining multiple files into one with Gulp
    With Gulp it is easy to combine multiple files into one using the gulp-concat package.
  5. Cleaning our build folder with Gulp
    A normal part of a build process is a cleaning task to remove all the old files in the build folder. We can use gulp to clean our build folder using the gulp-rimraf package.
  6. Min: Honey I shrunk my CSS
    Learn how to use gulp-minify-css to minify your css files.
  7. Streams
    A brief detour to cover the basics of Node streams.
  8. Handling Errors with Streams
    A continuing detour to examine how we handle errors when reading streams with Node.js
  9. Validate JavaScript
    Using gulp-jsvalidate to validate our JavaScript.
  10. Notify pop up
    Let's use notifications to display a pop up window when we have a JavaScript error.
  11. Uglify
    Uglifiying our JavaScript files with gulp-uglify.
  12. Testing with Jasmine
    Testing our JavaScript using gulp + Karma + Jasmine.
  13. Creating a webpage
    Create and then move a HTML file.
  14. Gulp Watch
    Using the gulp watch task to watch a folder and run our default task.
  15. Web server
    Using gulp-webserver to serve webpages.
  16. Live Reload
    Using Live Reload with our gulp webserver and gulp watch to auto refresh the page when there are changes.
  17. Markdown
    Using gulp-markdown to turn markdown into HTML files.
  18. Handlebars
    Using gulp-tap and handlebars to process handlebars files.
  19. Markdown and Handlebars to make pages
    Markdown + Handlebars = Pages
  20. Reading Metadata for Posts
    Reading metadata for posts .
  21. Creating Links
    Creating links for our static site.
  22. Conclusion
    We started with no knowledge of gulp and then built out series of tasks from the simple to the complex.