Virtual Brown Bag - 1/26/16

Published on Jan 26, 2016

We kick off our first VBB meeting in a few years. Was a great meeting with lots of tips, tricks, and cool new tools to check out.

  • Claudio Lassala shares

    • his obsession with Evernote
    • the way he uses Evernote to manage all the notes for his work
  • George Mauer shares

    • Vimium a Google Chrome plug so you can use Vim key bindings
    • Chocolatey a package manager
    • ConEmu is a console emulator to improve your PowerShell experience. You can find the ConEmu package on Chocolatey link
  • Anthony Broussard shares

    • his console experience on a Mac
    • tips on how he keeps his inbox at zero
    • his coloring scheme for console and text editor
    • Colemak keyboard mapping link
    • his new comfortable split keyboard link
  • I share

    • my current journal structure link
    • Elixir and refactoring with tests to show why I like the language so much

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