Virtual Brown Bag 5-24-16

Published on May 24, 2016

Video and links from today’s VBB. We talked about Elixir, Phoenix in production, and ended with a detailed look at Anthony’s Quantum Pilot game written in ES6 with Electron for cross platform deployment.

Links from today’s VBB:

  • Kaleb reviews Space City JS 2016
  • Flexy Boxes link
  • CSS Tricks Guide to Flex link
  • Renaming a Git branch link
  • String vs Atom keys in Elixir Maps link
  • Piping to anonymous function in Elixir link
  • Reseting a Meteor database link
  • Faye - A Ruby library for sockets link
  • Pusher - SaaS for sockets link
  • - A Node library for sockets link
  • The Claudio Fansite link
  • Quantum Pilot Game - Electron + JavaScript link
  • Quantum Pilot in App Store link
  • Quantum Imprint Demo link